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Multi-Unit Residential

Thursday, 16 September 2021
By Hans Gerlich

Inter-Tenancy Wall and Floor/Ceiling Systems and Their Junctions

The last few years has seen a rise in light timber and steel framed multi-unit residential design and construction, and with it comes the challenge of satisfying inter-tenancy (IT) noise control, fire resistance and structural performance.

In a previous article* we talked about central barrier systems and conventional double frame systems, their benefits and scope of  application. The article pointed out that central barrier systems are ideally suited for terraced housing but might not be cost-effective for
multi-level apartment construction. This current article concentrates on low-rise timber framed multi-level residential construction and associated wall-to-ceiling junctions.

Read the full article in the PDF below.

*GIB® Inter-Tenancy Barrier Systems - Horses for Courses, 2020