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New GIB Weatherline® Design and Construction Manual Available

Wednesday, 15 April 2020
By Gordon White

Following further extensive testing and development, a range of new GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier System options are now available and have been included in the new GIB Weatherline® Design and Construction Manual.

This new manual provides detailed specification and installation guidance for GIB Weatherline® Systems for use in residential and commercial buildings including specific engineering design (SED) such as mid and high rise buildings.

Key inclusions in the new GIB Weatherline® Rigid Air Barrier Design and Construction Manual include:

  • External wall system options for vertical fire spread via the MBIE risk assessment approach.
  • 6 new GIB Weatherline® systems for fire rated protection of columns and beams.
  • 2 new fire rated steel frame systems covering 30 and 60 minute fire resistance ratings.
  • Insulation and CLD cavity battens in GIB Weatherline® fire systems now optional.
  • Guidance around the use of Water Resistive Barriers and GIB Weatherline® as a substrate.
  • NZS 3604 and specific design technical data integrated into one single piece of technical literature.

New GIB Weatherline® Products

Executing on customer feedback, the below products have been added to the GIB Weatherline® product range:

  • New 2450 x 10mm sheet length to better reduce offcut waste and lower cost in residential  projects.
  • Bulk pack GIB Weatherline® Flashing Tape packs in 30mm, 60mm and 100mm widths to reduce tape costs for large volume users and reduce packaging waste created on site.