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Prioritising GIB® Plasterboard Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Thursday, 13 May 2021
By Karen Richter

The New Zealand building industry is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of reducing the growing level of construction waste ending up in landfill. Winstone Wallboards is actively exploring innovative ways to reduce the level of plasterboard waste being generated.

Working closely with customers, local councils and waste specialists, Winstone Wallboards is exploring a range of long term waste minimisation solutions which is especially relevant given that recent data collected from New Zealand construction sites indicates that timber and plasterboard offcuts contribute the largest percentage of construction waste currently entering New Zealand landfill sites.

“Our approach is to firstly to look at ways to minimise plasterboard waste created in the first place. We are actively working to develop practical industry tools that help customers to do this” says Winstone Wallboards Residential Market Manager Gordon White.
“However, we also need to recognise the need to work with the wider construction industry to find viable solutions to dispose of plasterboard offcuts generated during the interior lining process. That’s why we are also helping to facilitate plasterboard recycling options wherever practical.”


Christchurch and Queenstown Offcut Recycling Services Now Available.

In addition to the Auckland Green Gorilla service, plasterboard onsite waste collection and recycling services are now also available in the Christchurch and Queenstown areas.

Operated by Waste Management in Christchurch and AllWaste in Queenstown, customers working on new build projects can have ‘plasterboard only’ bins delivered to site during the interior lining stage. The bins when full are then uplifted and sent to a local recycler where the gypsum core is extracted and reused in a range of horticultural and agricultural products.

This is great news for trade customers operating in these areas who have been seeking on site plasterboard recycling service options. It’s also very useful for Homestar and Greenstar projects as it can help customers claim points for waste diversion under these schemes.

With onsite collection and recycling services are now operating in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown over half of the New Zealand plasterboard market has some form of offcut recycling options available.

While this is good progress Winstone Wallboards recognises the need to continue working with the industry, waste providers and regional councils to further expand recycling capability into other regions where it is viable to do so.


Tauranga GIB® Plasterboard Manufacturing Plant 2023.

Winstone Wallboards recycling capabilities will also receive a further boost in 2023, with the opening of the new GIB® Plasterboard Manufacturing and Distribution Facility in Tauriko, Tauranga.

The new plant will include extensive recycling capabilities for both water and plasterboard waste, including the ability to accept plasterboard offcuts back into the new plasterboard manufacturing process. Designed with sustainability front and centre, the facility is also set to reduce carbon emissions by up to 10%.

In addition to the positive environmental impact the new plant also will offer local employment benefits with more than 300 workers involved on site during the construction phase, and the creation of around 100 permanent jobs in the region once the plant opens.

Learn more about the new Tauranga Facility here.


Learn more about plasterboard offcut services here, or go directly to:

Auckland Area
Green Gorilla or Phone 09 636 2244

Christchurch Area
Waste Management or Margot Hall mobile: 027 574 3336

Queenstown Area
AllWaste or 0800 255 927

Other Regions
Winstone Wallboards is currently working with local waste diversion providers to expand plasterboard waste recycling options.