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GIB® Rondo® 310 Metal Ceiling Battens

Thursday, 6 May 2021
By Cath Montgomery

There are many challenges that New Zealand builders are having to deal with at the moment but sourcing a ceiling batten does not have to be one of them. The GIB® Rondo® 310 metal ceiling batten is a 35mm deep ceiling batten and it can easily be used in place of 70 x 35mm timber battens.

Manufactured in New Zealand the GIB® Rondo® 310 metal ceiling batten can be directly fastened to the timber trusses with the GIB® Grabber® 32mm x 8 gauge wafer head screw through the flanges. Alternatively a 45 x 2.8mm flat head gun nail can be used to secure the batten - view the direct fix video. Not only are we confident on our ability to have stock on hand when you need it there are also other significant benefits to using GIB® Rondo® 310 metal ceiling batten:

  • GIB® Rondo® does not warp or twist with changes in moisture or temperatures so will significantly reduce the chances of cracked joints and popped fasteners.
  • The 310 batten is available in three lengths: 3.6, 4.8 and 6 metres.
  • GIB® Rondo® is lightweight and compact providing easy handling and storage, and cost effective transportation.
  • Versatile as it can also be installed on clips to compensate for any deviations in framing.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand, from 0.55 BMT.
  • Has a Z275 coating exceeding the NZBC durability requirements for interior use.
  • When using 13mm GIB® Plasterboard the battens can be placed at 600mm centres (see PDF below).
  • Can be used for ceiling diaphragms.
  • For full installation details refer to the GIB® Site Guide.
  • Technical support available from the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.
  • Available from all major building merchants.