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Product Upgrade - GIB® Rondo® A239 Clip and Threaded Rod

Thursday, 26 August 2021
By Cath Montgomery

Due to changes in the Australian building code and their position on concrete fixing the Rondo® A239 Clip and Threaded Rod has been modified.

The original version had a sleeve anchor, this has been replaced by a larger pre drilled anchor. (see PDF below). The new version of the A239 product with the CTO6 anchor is:

  • AS5216 compliant
  • Cracked concrete approval (option 1)
  • Seismic Approval C1
  • Fire Rate


Due to the upgrade of this product the price has been realigned and will be updated in the November 13 price list.

The new A239 Clip and Threaded Rod consists of four components (see PDF below) – CT06 anchor (40mm embedment into concrete)

  • CC06 M6 female rod coupler,
  • 126 rod pre-cut (100mm sku# 14911or 180mm sku#14913)
  • 826 M6 nut
  • 239 clip


Installation of this bolt is very similar to installing the original.

STEP 1: Drill a hole using a 6mm masonry drill bit to a minimum embedment depth of 45mm.

STEP 2: Clean the hole, ensuring you remove any dust or materials using appropriate engineering controls.

STEP 3: Attach the CT06 anchor to the correct size socket and ensure the fastener is perpendicular to the concrete. Apply pressure against the fastener and rotate to engage the first thread. Continue to tighten the fastener until the flanged head is firmly seated against fixture. Use the maximum torque guide and do not over-torque the fastener.

NB: Maximum torque guide: CT06 160Nm 10N.

STEP 4: Look and check that the fastener has been secured properly.

Installation is complete.


For more information call the GIB® Helpline 0800 100 442.


GIB Rondo A239 Clip