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Sustainability Updates

Wednesday, 15 December 2021
By Gordon White

Environmental sustainability continues to be a high priority at Winstone Wallboards. Throughout 2021 we’ve been working to improve our sustainability position particularly around improving the availability of plasterboard offcut recycling options.


GIB® Plasterboard Offcut Recycling 

Working with a diverse range of waste collection businesses from around the country plasterboard offcut site collection services are currently available in Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown with further regional services on track to be introduced throughout 2022. There are also a growing number of regional council offcut collection points at landfill sites as well as a growing number of composting companies looking to accept plasterboard offcuts into their operations.

Why does this all matter? Because not only does it reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, but the gypsum that’s extracted from the plasterboard offcuts is reused for compost and other agricultural products. Learn more about recycling options for GIB® plasterboard including a list of current providers here.

Minimising Plasterboard Waste

Most of us know that plasterboard offcuts are among the largest contributors to site construction waste, and to effectively tackle the problem everybody has a part to play. Clear ownership and accountability for waste minimisation, both during design and construction, is essential, and reducing the amount of plasterboard waste created on site is a vital piece of the puzzle. That’s why our team has developed a series of practical steps to help installers with ‘Onsite Tips’ and designers with ‘Design Tips’ to support the building industry minimising construction waste especially as landfill disposal costs continue to increase year on year.


Composting Guidelines

Why you should consider including Gypsum into composting products is outlined on our ‘Plasterboard composting guidelines’. It covers best practice guidance through to the many benefits composting brings.


Environmental Certifications

Winstone Wallboards’ holds a number of environmental certifications to help support your project including an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for GIB® plasterboard and other certifications such as Global GreenTag and Declare. In 2021, GIB Aqualine®, GIB Weatherline®, GIB Barrierline®, GIB Toughline® and GIB Toughline® Aqua became the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) Ecolabel certification which is a recognised ecolabel on both sides of the Tasman. With 2021 now drawing to a close, it’s a great time to reflect on the  achievements and we’re proud of our new partnerships. But the journey is far from over, we look forward to having an even greater impact on all things green in 2022 and beyond.