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Wednesday, 15 December 2021
By Russell Pedersen

What a wild ride 2021 has been! Just in case you might have missed it, here’s some updates of what’s happened  and what we have planned for the year ahead. 

In February we released the revised GIB® Wet Area Systems literature. Due to improvements of our GIB Aqualine® boards, and the inclusion of our new GIB Weatherline® boards, the literature now includes allowances for tiling on GIB Toughline® Aqua and GIB Weatherline®. Key changes are new tile weights (10mm now up to 26kg/m2 and  13mm now up to 40kg/m2) and screw centres increased to 150mm centres. We’ve also added and updated the  CAD details.

Since their release in 2016, our GIB Barrierline® systems have taken the market by storm. But, as with any new release, we’ve continued to test and develop products and systems, all the while updating and adding to the details and information we provide. This also means we’re at the stage where we are preparing to release the ‘GIB Barrierline® 2.0’ literature very soon. This will include a 30 min system and 13mm GIB Weatherline® option in place of 16mm GIB Fyreline® where this is laminated to the 25mm GIB Barrierline® in the roof space. Watch this space  in February/March 2022! 

As our literature is widely referenced, we endeavour to keep the key publications up to date. Currently we are working on updates for the GIB® Site Guide (last version 2018). The changes to AS/NZS2785:2020 ‘Suspended Ceilings – Design and Installation’ (released in 2020) has had an impact on the industry, from the way ceilings are designed and tested, through to how they are installed and lastly, how they should be maintained. We recognised it was time for us to also update and review our GIB® Rondo® Metal Batten Systems manual. Both books are currently being worked on with the expected release date of early 2022. As an industry, we’re working online more than ever before, which means the most up-to-date and current information has never been more accessible. However, we’re finding that although we are continually updating and adding to our online Supplements portfolio, not everyone is aware of the additions - or even where to find them! For easy access, please select your desired system under the ‘Systems’ tab, then click on the ‘Technical Literature’ tab. You will find the Supplements page in PDF format.

We are also continually adding to our library of CAD details, these are being updated (sometimes on a daily basis!) on our website.

With 2021 suffering even more disruption than 2020, many of our scheduled regional training sessions were either postponed or cancelled. In light of this, we are still planning training sessions for 2022. But as we book them, we’ll include an ‘Option B’ for virtual sessions, just in case things ‘go south’.
We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022!