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We Request Your Ongoing Support for This Important Service

Friday, 14 December 2018
By Kevin Golding

Green Gorilla, like the rest of the waste industry recognised that waste plasterboard is a significant contributor to landfill waste. They investigated the feasibility of collecting plasterboard waste from building sites and received a 50% grant ($500,000) from the Ministry for Environment to design and construct New Zealand’s first (and only) dedicated plasterboard recycling plant.

Incoming plasterboard now comes from 3 sources:

  • Dedicated collection via plasterboard bags
  • Plasterboard separated from C & D waste via the sortline
  • Waste plasterboard from Winstone Wallboards manufacturing process

Green Gorilla are the only waste collection company actively collecting, separating and recycling plasterboard, and although they are willing to receive board from the major landfill companies, they prefer to landfill it.

Over the last 3 years Green Gorilla have actively promoted not only the collection side but also developed markets for the recycled gypsum.

The business had reached the stage where a dedicated building was required and they opened a new building and plasterboard recycling facility in 2018. This new building will allow them to better showcase the plasterboard recycling initiative along with its other recycling and processing operations.

As mentioned before, the considerable investment in fixed plant and buildings has been supported by a dedicated marketing and sales investment, commitment to attracting and capturing the necessary feedstock to make the system financially viable. This has allowed us to slowly but surely establish a desire and a market for the sustainable handling and diversion from landfill of this product and assisted construction companies to achieve Greenstar and Homestar status.

"As with any sustainability initiative it will only ever be a success if a market can be established for the processed product. To this end considerable investment has been made in a sales and marketing campaign to attract and secure ongoing customers and use for the gypsum and paper produced from the process. We acknowledge Winstone Wallboards support in this regard", says Clinton Jones from Green Gorilla.

To date Green Gorilla has invested over $2million and has received approximately $500k by way of Waste Minimisation fund grant for this service. In summary they have made a considerable investment in:

  • Developing a unique processing system
  • Establishing a customer base for feedstock with innovative methods of collection and direct delivery to the recycling operation
  • Established ongoing sales channels for the products produced from the sorting, separation and processing of what was previously a wastematerial to landfill
  • Made further investment in a dedicated building for manufacturing and storage of incomingplasterboard and recycled product

The Winstone Wallboards volume of waste material is central to the continuing success of the venture and the ability to produce high quality and sought after gypsum. Therefore, Green Gorilla requests your ongoing support for this important service.