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GIB Superline® renamed GIB Toughline® Aqua

Thursday, 5 July 2018

GIB Superline®, the 5-in-1 Plasterboard, is in the process of being renamed GIB Toughline® Aqua.

GIB Toughline® Aqua Bulletin

GIB Toughline® Aqua has been specially developed for situations that require multiple performance characteristics including impact, fire, noise, bracing, water and mould resistance.

The performance of GIB Toughline® Aqua is equivalent to GIB Superline® (see below), and any specifications that specify GIB Superline® can use either GIB Superline® or GIB Toughline® Aqua as the product name transitions in the market.

  • Equivalent fire resistance to 13mm GIB Fyreline® in GIB® Fire Rated Systems
  • Equivalent noise control performance to 13mm GIB Fyreline® in GIB® Noise Control Systems
  • Equivalent impact resistance to 13mm GIB Toughline® in GIB® Tough Systems
  • Equivalent water resistance to 13mm GIB Aqualine® in GIB® Wet Area Systems
  • Equivalent bracing performance to 10mm and 13mm GIB® Braceline GIB Noiseline® in GIB EzyBrace® Systems

Like GIB Toughline®, GIB Toughline® Aqua, is a 13mm thick high density plasterboard with a continuous fiberglass mesh embedded inside the back face of the board. This gives the board increased impact resistance and reduces repair costs. GIB Toughline® Aqua has the additional benefit of a water resistant core containing special polymers to help prevent steam and moisture penetration.

Winstone Wallboards Ltd recommends the use of GIB Toughline® Aqua in situations where both impact and water resistance are required. By employing both GIB Toughline® and GIB Toughline® Aqua together, specifiers and contractors can utilise the most efficient and cost effective board for the purpose, with water resistance only in areas that require that additional performance.

GIB Toughline® Aqua can also be used as a multiple performance plasterboard to cover a wide range of performance situations, particularly for instances where a contractor would prefer fewer boards on site and higher performance generally across the project.

 Please note:

  • Existing inventory of GIB Superline® will be supplied until stocks are depleted.
  • The paper face of GIB Toughline® Aqua will remain GIB Superline® gold until further notice, upon which time there will be a transition to GIB Toughline® mauve paper. End tapes and the printing on the board face will be changed to read GIB Toughline® Aqua.

If you have any questions regarding the use or specification of GIB Toughline® Aqua or GIB Superline®, talk to your ASM or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.