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GIB X-Block® Radiation Shielding Systems - The Lead-free Lining Solution

Monday, 29 March 2021
By Rowan Wade

Building a radiography department, medical facility, dental clinic or veterinary practice? Check out the latest literature on GIB X-Block® Radiation Shielding Systems - a plasterboard and jointing system that offers a lead-free lining solution.

The comprehensive new GIB X-Block® literature will help you navigate the design and construction challenges of hospitals and healthcare X-ray facilities and support you to achieve an effective radiation barrier without the use of lead.

This specialist system consists of 13mm GIB X-Block® containing barytes, working in combination with a jointing system to provide protection from X-ray radiation. Not only is GIB X-Block® lead-free, but it’s created as part of the GIB® family. That means it can be matched with other GIB® plasterboard systems to achieve a uniform appearance throughout the facility.

Released in January, it provides guidance on X-ray energy levels measured in kVp’s, using multi layers of GIB X-Block® to achieve lead equivalence.

Other updates in the technical manual include:

  • Addition of a new single layer system
  • Code changes to naming of the different systems
  • GIB X-Block® test method has changed to EN 61331-1:2014
  • Lead equivalence covers narrow and broad beam performances
  • Removal of the fire rated section.

 For more information please visit the GIB X-Block® Radiation Shielding Systems or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442.