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New GIB Noise Control® Systems literature now available

Thursday, 19 October 2017

GIB04 Noise Control Systems Manual 4C61 SP 1

After 11 years of service, the GIB Noise Control® Systems literature has been updated with the 2017 edition. Download a copy now or request a hardcopy version 


The main changes in the 2017 edition

— A refresh of the systems offering has seen the introduction of nine new central barrier intertenancy walls suitable for terrace homes and apartments.

— For intertenancy floor / ceiling elements, four new floating floor and steel joist options have been included to provide improved noise control performance and choice of building materials. 

— The new steel stud centres and wall heights section provides easy-to-follow guidance to architects, designers and engineers charged with specifying non-load bearing steel frame partition walls. 

— An expanded system components section near the back of the new literature provides information about some of the products that feature in the expanded range of systems. 


For an in-depth summary of the new literature, download the GIB Noise Control® Systems launch brochure.

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GIB Noise Control Systems October 2017


GIB Noise Control® Systems have been appraised by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) Appraisal No. 394 (2017).