GIB EzyBrace® Systems

GIB EzyBrace® Systems are fully compliant with NZS 3604:2011 and are BRANZ Appraised. Appraisal No. 928 (2016) GIB EzyBrace® Systems, 2016.


GIB EzyBrace® Systems were updated in September 2016. The changes include:

  • Updated GIB EzyBrace® Bracing Design Software - improved user interface with simplified bracing design process
  • New GIB® Bracing element - GS2- NOM
  • Update to openings in bracing elements and ceilings diaphragms

Click here for all the information on the changes. 


GIB EzyBrace® Systems 2016 Specification Materials


Click here to download GIB EzyBrace® Bracing Design Software and to view a video explaining the software updates

  • Windows compatible version
  • MAC compatible version


To achieve optimal framing and bracing design efficiency, Winstone Wallboards recommends the use of the GIBFix® Framing System used in conjunction with GIB EzyBrace® Systems 2016. For more information click here

GIB EzyBrace® Systems