Systems designed for New Zealand conditions


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GIB® System Selector

Need help choosing a GIB® system? This is the tool for you.


Landing Page v2 GIB Fire Rated Systems 


GIB® Fire Rated Systems

Comprehensive guides on how to achieve fire ratings for walls, floor / ceilings and structural steel fire protection.


Landing Page GIB EzyBrace Systems


GIB EzyBrace® Systems

Updated to offer improved design flexibility and further simplification of the bracing design and build process. 


GIB Noise Control Systems 2017



GIB Noise Control® Systems

GIB Noise Control® Systems represent the state of the art in noise control materials and cost effective design. 


Landing Page GIB Reverbration Control Systems



GIB® Reverberation Control Systems

Combining an innovative, efficient method to improve the quality of sound within a space with a great look.  


 Landing Page GIB Intertenancy Barrier Systems for Terrace Homes Specification and Installation Manual Cover



GIB® Intertenancy Barrier Systems for Terrace Homes 

Cost effective and lightweight, with high noise control and fire resistant performance. 


 Landing Page GIBFix Framing Systems Literature Cover



GIBFix® Framing System

An alternative approach to timber framing for buildings within the scope of NZS3604:2011.   


 Landing Page GIB Aqualine Wet Area Systems Brochure Cover



GIB Aqualine® Wet Area Systems

Best practice around areas where there is intermittent water exposure and splash zones.   


Landing Page GIB Rondo Systems Brochure Aug2012 1



GIB® Rondo® Metal Batten Systems

Providing a stable substrate for plasterboard ceiling linings.   


 Landing Page GIB Tough Systems



GIB® Tough Systems

Interior finishes that look good for longer.   


 Landing Page GIB X Block System



GIB X-Block® Radiation Shielding Systems

Effective radiation barrier without the use of lead.