Customise your order

Customised packaging for delivery

Bundles to meet your needs, saving you time

We can help by organising your packed delivery to suit your construction requirements, including: 

  • Full pallets, split packs and house lot order make-up. 

  • Loading pallets to meet your transport specifications.

  • Shrink wrapping and strapping of pallets.

  • Available in all centres.

Customised board lengths

Cut to the right length, reducing your labour time

GIB® plasterboard can be ordered in many standard sizes that allow the builder to reduce the amount of waste by ordering the most efficient lengths.

In addition, we offer a cut-to-length service that reduces the amount of waste on building sites (requires minimum 100 sheets and 10 working days lead time).

This service is available in all centres. We know that cutting boards to the right length can take away finishing time, so we can cut your order of GIB® plasterboard to the right length - this also reduces the waste on site and at landfill.*

*Conditions may apply. Please discuss options with your merchant.