Green Star rating tool and GIB® Plasterboard

Green Star rating tool explained

Green Star is a tool to support stakeholders in the property and construction sectors to design, construct and operate projects in a more sustainable, efficient and productive way.

To rate a building or fitout's overall environmental impact, Green Star rating tools award points across nine categories: Energy, Water, Materials, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ), Transport, Land Use and Ecology, Management, Emissions, and Innovation.

The point scores achieved by a project correspond to the following Green Star certified ratings:

Green Star points available for GIB® Plasterboard


Green Star rates whole buildings, rather than building components. Under Green Star, materials that have certain attributes can receive points that contribute to the overall score.

GIB® plasterboards hold an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) as well as Declare and GreenTag environmental certifications which can contribute towards Green Star rating points.


Waste Recycling

Recycling of construction waste can also contribute to Green Star points. GIB® plasterboard offcuts can be recycled. Currently plasterboard recycling services are available through Green Gorilla in the Auckland region. Plasterboard is collected separately from construction waste and recycled into a variety of agricultural products.


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