NEW GIB® Site Guide

We’re pleased to announce that an update to the popular GIB® Site Guide (Dec 2014) is now available.

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Key Changes in the GIB® Site Guide Dec14 
  • UPDATE: Recommended wall corner fastener placement for general installations updated from a single corner fastener to 50mm/50mm in either direct from the corners to create more crack resistant corners.  Pg.38-41
  • UPDATE: Amendment to GIB EzyBrace® Systems. The bottom plate anchor placement for use with stud-to-plate straps has reduced from 100mm to 80mm from the end of the bracing element. Pg.62
  • UPDATE: Ceiling diaphragm perimeter fastener spacing’s updated to 100mm centres regardless of ceiling diaphragm roof length or pitch for simplified on site construction. Pg.66
  • UPDATE: Maximum wall & ceiling control joint spacing’s updated.Maximum9m control joint (without perimeter relief) specification removed with control joints in all situations now permitted to a maximum 12m spacing. Pg.48
Other Changes
  • ENHANCED: GIB® Site Guide layout and contents page for easier reference of common installation topics
  • INCLUDED: GIB® Product & System Warranty Statement, Pg.3
  • UPDATED: GIB® product range including GIB Superline®, GIB® Quietline™ and 1350mm wide GIB Aqualine®, Pg.14-26
  • UPDATED: General installation guidance for high movement applications such as transportable homes, Pg.37
  • UPDATED: Health and Safety information on stacking, storage and handling of GIB® plasterboard, Pg.29
  • UPDATED: GIB® Jointing & Finishing installation section for easier access to common finishing topics. Pg.76-96