Warranty, Maintenance & Installation Sign-Off

Peace of mind you can pass on

For 90 years architects, specifiers, builders and property owners have shared the same unwavering confidence in GIB® products and systems. That’s because we stand behind our range of GIB® plasterboard, compounds and plasterboard accessories.

The peace of mind you feel knowing that we’re 100% behind our GIB® products and systems can now be passed on to your residential clients. The Winstone Wallboards warranty makes it easy to meet your obligations under the new consumer protection measures in the Building Act, effective from 1 January 2015. Click here to download the GIB® Product and System Warranty. 

For your homeowner clients, our information bulletin will help them keep their interior walls looking good for longer; including repairs of dings, cracks or holes as a result of general wear and tear. More importantly, it highlights that maintenance work on GIB® plasterboard linings needs to consider performance and durability of key systems like GIB® Bracing and Fire systems. Click here to download the GIB® Plasterboard Lining Systems Care and Maintenance information bulletin.