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GIB-Cove® Selector Chart

Picking the right GIB-Cove® for the job

GIB-Cove® Mezzo

Offers sprightly, modern overtones.

Provides a contemporary statement, with its slimline profile and subtle centre deflection.

GIB-Cove® Tenor

Delivers a crisp, low-profile finish.

Provides sleek, modern styling for any room.

GIB-Cove® Basso

Creates a bold and luxurious presence.

With a sleek 45 degree angle, bookended by a double step, Basso provides strong contemporary lines.

GIB-Cove® Alto

Provides a fresh and modern aesthetic.

The perfect contemporary look for all ceiling heights. 

GIB-Cove® Classic

Adds a touch of style and elegance.

Classical elegance for any room in your home.