Air drying and setting compounds for installing GIB® products

GIB® Compounds Selector Chart

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GIB RediFilla®

Ready-mixed multi-purpose air-drying compound

Ideal for repairing scratches, dents, nail heads and cracks. 

GIB Tradefilla®

A powder-based setting compound

Ideal to quickly repair and fill holes in plasterboard.

GIB Tradeset®

NZ's most popular base coat compound

A premium setting compound available in 20, 45, 90 and 150 minute set times.

GIB LiteSet®

A basecoat jointing compound that can be sanded / is easy to scrape

GIB MaxSet®

High performance, hard setting compound

High performance hard setting compound for first and second coats.

GIB Lite Blue®

A lighter weight compound, but still with great coverage

A setting compound that's easy to sand and designed as a second coat.

GIB Trade Finish® Heavy Weight

Premium heavy weight compound designed for finishing joints in GIB® plasterboard. 

It is a "full body" harder compound best suited to machine sanding. It is also great in poorer drying conditions. 

GIB Trade Finish® Multi

Premium mid-weight compound suitable for use on all three coats

A great multi purpose compound with a mid-range of hardness.

GIB Trade Finish® Lite

Premium easy to sand compound suitable for use on all three coats

An easy to sand compound suitable for all three coats. 

GIB Trade Finish® Extra Lite

Premium extra easy to sand compound suitable for use on all three coats

A very easy to sand compound suitable for all three coats. It is particularly suited for use in good drying conditions. 

GIB Plus 4®

Ready-mixed air drying compound incorporating excellent taping and finishing properties

Combines high levels of binder for excellent strength and adhesion to many substrates, while still remaining very sandable. This is a robust and versatile compound suitable for DIY and professional users. 

GIB ProMix® Lite

Easy-to-sand lightweight finishing compound

Use for finishing joints between GIB® plasterboard and second coating compounds.

GIB X-Block® Jointing Compound

Powdered air-drying compound

Specifically designed for use with GIB X-Block® plasterboard to give lead equivalent protection to joints.

GIB-Cove® Bond

Setting compound to install cove

Smooth and lump free consistency over the full working time and has excellent initial tack for easy cove installation.