Picking the right GIB® plasterboard for the job

Which plasterboard do I need?


GIB® Plasterboard Selector Chart

Picking the right GIB® plasterboard for the job

GIB® Standard

Our economical lining material

Since re-engineering GIB® Standard 10mm and 13mm in 2010, its strength, flexibility, and reputation for ease of installation and long lasting quality have been well proven on building sites nationwide.

GIB Superline®

The 5-in-1 GIB® Plasterboard

Specially developed for situations that require multi-performance including impact and water resistance, GIB Superline® means you'll never have to compromise again.

GIB Aqualine®

Protect wet areas with GIB Aqualine®

GIB Braceline® GIB Noiseline®

Designed specifically for reducing the level of sound transmission 

With its higher density core, noise transmission between rooms and also between floors in two storey homes can be reduced.

GIB Fyreline®

High performance fire resistant board

A high density, modified core resists exposure to fire longer than standard plasterboard.

GIB Barrierline®

For intertenancy walls

Cost effective, lightweight, robust and with high noise control and fire resistant performance.

GIB Toughline®

Improved impact resistance

Developed to provide improved resistance against accidental impact and wear and tear.

GIB Wideline®

Ideal for horizontal fixing on 2.7m studs

This means fewer joints and a better finish.

GIB Ultraline®

For a superior finish

Incorporates Pearlcoat coated paper technology with a smoother finer texture which helps provide a superior finish.

GIB X-Block®

X-ray radiation protection for medical facilities

Provide protection from X-ray radiation in medical facilities, dental clinics and veterinary practices.

GIB Quietline®

Perforated patters able to absorb and disperse sound

Specifically addresses spaces with hard reflective surfaces by absorbing and dispersing sound.

GIB® Patch Board

Portable repair board

A conveniently sized 10mm Standard Taper Edged Plasterboard.