High Impact Areas

Hallways and garages

Hallways, stairwells and garages are often high traffic areas which can suffer a high level of wear and tear. Protect your walls by installing a GIB® Tough System for improved resistance to accidental impact and wear and tear.

Many garages are multi-purpose areas such as workshops or equipment storage, In the event of fire, having a GIB® Fire Rated System installed in the garage can isolate this area from the rest of your home giving more time to get the fire under control.

High Impact Area Tips

  • In many modern homes the garage is simply an extended room containing the laundry or used as a children's play area. Consider installing GIB Toughline® as your primary plasterboard in this area.  

  • In garages consider installing a GIB® Fire Rated System to isolate the garage from the rest of your house in the event of a fire.

  • Consider solid core doors, solid timber trims and specific paint systems that provide added protection from marks, scratches and dents.

  • For new or existing homes, we strongly recommend installing smoke detectors