Decorative Features & Details

Decorative elements

Define your own style with GIB® features and details

Make your home your own by choosing from a range of detailing options. GIB® decorative features and details include cove, rounded edges, skirtings and architraves for use at ceiling-to-wall junctions or around windows, doors and floors. Take your pick and create your individual interior style.  

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Use GIB-Cove® at the wall-to-ceiling junctions for an attractive curved or stepped look, while eliminating the likelihood of cracks appearing. There are 5 options to choose from.

Download the GIB-Cove® brochure.

Square stopping

The wall-to-ceiling junction is stopped in the same manner as an internal wall corner junction.

For a sharp straight corner finish when square stopping, GIB® Goldline™ internal corner trims are recommended. 

Negative details

Create clean, sharp lines or subtly frame walls with recessed channels surrounding windows, doors and at wall-to-floor and ceiling junctions. Create clean crisp line patterns in your walls and ceilings. Use GIB® Goldline™ Reveal and L-Trims

Features and Details Tips

  • If you are renovating, first remove the old linings.  It as a great opportunity to install extra insulation and add or relocate power points, lightswitch's etc.

  • Avoid harsh lighting conditions and choose lighter colours to minimise the effect of critical light.

  • Vary ceiling heights to define boundaries. 

  • Discuss the aesthetic options with your architect, designer or builder.

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GIB® Homeowner Guide

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Higher Ceilings

Increasing the ceiling height of a room can completely change the nature of it, giving it a greater sense of space, proportion and grandeur. View the video below to find out more.

Building for light and space