Achieving a Quality Finish

Getting your home looking perfect

For some rooms such as the lounge and dining rooms, the interior lining finish achieved is particularly important as they are likely to be the most used areas in the home.

Its important to remember that no sheet lining is perfectly flat or free of minor imperfections,however minor imperfections can be minimised by carefully considering room design, materials used and lighting choices.

Levels of Finish

'Levels of finish' is a guide for specifying the required quality of finish when installing and stopping plasterboard. Levels 4 and 5 are the most commonly specified in homes.

  • Level 4: is generally accepted as the level of finish used when non-critical lighting falls on satin/flat/low-sheen paints or wallpaper.

  • Level 5: should be used when gloss, semi-gloss or dark-tone paints are specified or where critical lighting conditions occur on satin/flat/matt or low-sheen paints.

Achieving a Level 4 Finish

For a great Level 4 finish, GIB Ultraline® should be considered. GIB Ultraline® has a fine, smooth Pearlcoat-coated surface paper that can reduce the impact of critical lighting. It also more closely matches up with the colour and consistency of jointing compounds to help minimise the visibility of sheet joints. 

Achieving a Level 5 Finish

To remove surface textures and porosity, the entire wall/ceiling must be covered in a thin layer of a special compound called the 'skim coat'. Stricter framing and installation requirements are also needed.

Critical Lighting

When light from windows, skylights or from artificial wall and ceiling lights strike a surface at a shallow angle it tends to exaggerate any surface irregularities, this is what is termed critical lighting. No sheet lining is totally free of minor surface imperfections however their visibility can be minimised with careful consideration of lighting and materials used. 

Quality of Finish Tips

  • Whether you're building or renovating, GIB Ultraline® is the ideal lining where a high quality finish is desired. It has a special coated white surface paper to improve finish quality. 

  • If you are renovating, first remove the old linings.  Use it as a great opportunity to install insulation and add or relocate power points.

  • Avoid harsh lighting conditions and choose lighter colours.