Precautions and First Aid

In case of emergency regarding the following:

  • Eye Contact

  • Ingestion

  • Inhalation

Flush material from eyes with large quantities of water. Contact a Doctor if irritation persists. Note: Plaster is mildly alkaline and can burn eye tissue if in prolonged contact. Contact a Doctor immediately. May cause obstruction of the intestine when plaster hardens. Leave the area of dust exposure and remain away until coughing and other symptoms subside.

Skin Contact Wash with mild soap and water. Use a commercially available hand lotion to treat dry skin areas. If cracking of the skin occurs treat appropriately to prevent infection and promote healing. Note: Plaster based compounds will dry and crack the skin if in prolonged contact. In emergency contact the National Poisons Centre on 0800 POISON (0800764766)

Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrote (Plaster) 65-95%, Limestone 10-25%, Mica 2-6%, Modified Cellulose 0-1%, Keratin 0-2%, Crystalline Silica 0-2.5%

Please note: For Safety Data Sheets, refer to the relevant product page on this web site.  Each has a link to the appropriate Safety Data Sheet.