Replacing linings

1. Why reline?

Don't spend time and energy stripping back dated wallpaper and preparing the surface for a new coat of paint. Instead, remove those old wall linings and replace them.

why reline

2. Room preparation and removing wall linings

Know what tools and safety gear is needed before you start, and learn how to remove existing wall linings.

removing wall linings

3. Installing insulation

Install insulation, and install or reposition, power points.

Installing insulation

4. Cutting GIB® Plasterboard

How to score, snap and cut shapes into GIB® plasterboard.

Cutting GIB Plasterboard

5. Installing GIB® Plasterboard

Learn how to install GIB® plasterboard, understand the difference between taper / square edges, and best practice glue and screw methods.

installing GIB plasterboard

6. Your product options

There are a variety of plasterboard options including GIB Aqualine, GIB Ultraline® and GIB Noiseline® . Be sure to pick the right product for the job.

Product options

7. Plastering GIB® Plasterboard

Stopping is an acquired skill normally carried out by skilled tradesmen, however if you feel you have a competent level of skill you should be able to achieve a reasonable finish.

Plastering GIB Plasterboard

8. Sanding GIB® Plasterboard and Skirting boards

Sanding is critical to a great finish - it should not be rushed.

Sanding GIB plasterboard

9. Installing GIB-Cove®

GIB-Cove® is a great addition to any renovation. With a range of styles available you should be able to find one to suit your home

GIB Cove Basso