MyGIB® Order and Track

The easy way to order and track your GIB® plasterboard delivery.

With MyGIB® you can easily order your GIB® plasterboard and GIB-Cove®, and then track the progress of your order - all from your mobile device straight from the building site - whenever, wherever.



Why use MyGIB® Order and Track?

  • Easily order GIB® plasterboard, select the delivery service and preferred merchant to order through from your mobile device.
  • Track order delivery status on your mobile device.
  • Get instant Site Check and Proof of Delivery reports, with photos attached.
  • CSV-files available for quick and easy order importing into existing company ordering systems. 


MyGIB® Order and Track Introductory Brochure


 How to access MyGIB® Order and Track

From Mobile or Tablet

  • Download the GIB® App from the App store or Google Play store then select MyGIB® Order and Track from the home screen.


From Desktop

  • Open your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari) and enter (Tip: bookmark the page for quick access to MyGIB® Order and Track)


For more information on MyGIB® Order and Track see brochure and video below

MyGIB® Training Guide PDF



 MyGIB® Order and Track Training Guide



 MyGIB® Order and Track Merchant Benefits

  • CSV files available for quick and easy order importing into existing company ordering systems.
  • MyGIB® captures all the required order information.
  • Easier to add account information such as purchase order numbers to orders. 


For further information see the 'MyGIB® Process Flow for DTS Deliveries'.

Need a group training session or you have a burning question? Please contact the digital team at or call 0800 475 475.