Repairing dings, cracks, scratches & holes

Damaged walls (such as cracks or holes from door handles, or larger holes) can happen to any home by accident. Below are step by step videos on how to repair these common problems.

Repairing small holes

Such as holes from door handles

Small hole in plasterboard

Repairing large holes

Accidents happen, especially with active families - here is a step by step guide to repairing larger holes in your plasterboard walls.

Large hole in plasterboard

Repairing dings, cracks or scratches

Dings, cracks or scratches can often occur in older homes. Learn how to restore the look of your home and repair unsightly damage to your plasterboard walls.

Repairing dings cracks scratches

Skim coating

Skim coating is an acquired skill normally carried out by skilled tradesmen; however if you feel that you have a competent level of skill you should be able to achieve a reasonable finish.

skim coating

Repairing framing

There are a number of issues (such as exposed nogs, twisted studs or exposed fasteners that are not obvious until the existing wall lining is removed) and need to be addressed before relining to ensure a good finish.

repairing framing