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Monday, 4 January 2016

GIB® Plasterboard Performs Well

The Canterbury earthquakes severely tested interior linings and bracing systems, and GIB® systems performed extremely well. In doing so they protected homes and people from more serious harm.

With the recent seismic events in the Wellington and Upper South Island regions in mind below are links to specific information that will assist in the assessment and rebuild process. More information will be added as we continue to investigate and determine the best ways to deliver GIB®plasterboard systems that are the most efficient and effective for specific applications.

Testing at Canterbury University shows how flush finished non-structural plasterboard partitions in commercial buildings can suffer significant earthquake damage, even at low levels of inter-storey drift. To see these tests in action please click on either of these links below:

Technical Information

Flood and Water Damage

Assessing and Remediating Water Damage to Plasterboard Linings


Seismic and Wind Damage

BRANZ Bulletin 548 – Repairing Plasterboard after an Earthquake 
This bulletin provides guidelines for repairing plasterboard-lined walls to reinstate strength and stiffness

BRANZ Bulletin 551 – Learning’s from the Canterbury Earthquakes 
This bulletin gives an overview of the learning’s that came from the examination of damaged building

Gypsum Plasterboard Lined Partitions in Commercial Construction Update

Bracing Light Timber Framed Buildings
A bulletin which discusses different options for bracing light timber framed buildings

Post Earthquake Performance of Sheet Bracing & Systems
A technical report from Dr Richard Hunt which using results from extensive testing determines the extent of loss of stiffness and strength to a sheet bracing element that has been subjected to an earthquake event

The Performance of Houses and Gypsum Plasterboard
This paper considers these two main events and looks back at the performance of houses and gypsum plasterboard linings.

Repairing Lath and Plaster Walls and Ceilings
An information bulletin that provides general guidelines for assessing and carrying out remedial work to lathe, plaster walls and ceilings



Guidelines to Repairing GIB® plasterboard linings
This guide aims to assist the earthquake damage assessment process with deciding the most appropriate corrective action.

Damage Assessment for Residential Structures
This information bulletin provides general guidance for carrying out remedial work to plasterboard wall and ceiling surfaces following damage sustained after a severe wind or earthquake event. 

GIB® Bracing Calculator 
This calculator allows the user to enter information for a residential building whilst on-site to determine whether the structure has sufficient bracing performance under NZS3604:2011 requirements

General Information

Brace Right for the Rebuild
Provides initial information regarding bracing requirements for New Zealand homes

September 2010 Christchurch Earthquake article
Article that detailed some of the damage that buildings incurred and the performance of plasterboard bracing systems relating to the September 2010 event 

February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake article
Article that detailed some of the damage that buildings incurred and the performance of plasterboard bracing systems relating to the February 2011 event

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Re-Building Newsletter Issue 3

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